project 270: Loudspeaker Matrix Arrays

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Evert Start (HOLOPLOT GmbH, Berlin)

The presentation language will be English 

date and times:
Thursday January 26, 2023
20:00 - 21:30 Presentation (coffee from 19:00)

venue :
Instituut voor Audio- en Belichtingstechniek (IAB)
Schaverijstraat 8,
3534 AS,

Loudspeaker Matrix Arrays:
Challenging the way we create and control sound

In this lecture a new way of creating and controlling sound for both functional and creative applications will be introduced. Building on from the principles of Beamforming and Wave Field Synthesis, 3D sound fields reproduced by dense matrix arrays, can be controlled precisely in every direction.
Applying HOLOPLOT’s “Inverse Wavefront Shaping” technology, combined with high-channel-count, numerical array optimisation, any sound field can be created, originating from a virtual point, line or optimally curved, planar source.
This ensures optimum coverage and spectral consistency across large audience areas of any shape and size, or, conversely, allows tight focusing of audio content onto small groups of people, even down to individual audience members.
A single matrix array can generate multiple sound fields simultaneously, each with its own content, equalisation, level, shape, and target area. This opens up new degrees of freedom in system design and content creation for Public Address as well as Spatial Audio.

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IAB (Institituut voor Audio- en Belichtingstechniek)
Schaverijstraat 8

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