In Memoriam Jan Peter van Amerongen.

Jan-Peter van Amerongen 1964 -2021


 After an unwinnable battle with cancer, Jan-Peter passed away, way too early, on 11-11-2021. 

Jan-Peter founded Hypex in 1996, initially building plate amplifiers for the live audio market. The great success started a few years later, in 2003, after moving to UcD technology, and hiring star designer Bruno Putzeys to be chief of R&D. 

Jan-Peter masterfully recognized the marketing potential of the new amps in OEM and DIY markets and lead the company to great success in the years to follow. 

After UcD came NCore, and for the high end market the Mola-Mola brand was conceived. For the pro audio market, focus has lately been shifting towards more powerful amps, DSP and audio networking. 

It is fair to say that Jan-Peters life was all about great sound. He passionately believed in his products and in his people, and he did a great job extending the company‚Äôs activities in a controlled way, always striving for excellence in every single product. Modest as he was, he once stated that he was actually surprised by his own success, but people in his vicinity knew that no coincidence or luck was involved. 

Jan-Peter always genuinely cared for both his clients and his people and he was widely respected and liked within the audio community. The Hypex crew, will honor this great man by building ever more beautiful products, thus extending on his legacy. 

We will remember Jan-Peter as an enthusiastic, kind and warm person and a very skilled CEO. He will be greatly missed.