Tutorial 4: Stereophonic Techniques

Ron Streicher

Op zaterdag 28 april 2007 organiseert de Nederlandse sectie van de AES een tutorial bijeenkomst met als onderwerp "Stereophonic Techniques".

Dit tutorial wordt gegeven door Ron Streicher en is bedoeld om onze leden in de gelegenheid te stellen om basiskennis over dit onderwerp op te doen. Het tutorial zal in de Engelse taal gegeven worden.

Stereophonic Techniques
- the what, how, and why of stereophonic techniques: spatial perception and the ear-brain hearing system; coincident, near-coincident, and spaced microphone techniques; surround sound techniques; several comparison demonstrations of stereophonic perspectives also are presented and analyzed
- approximately 3 to 3.5 hours, depending on the number of examples played.
- What is stereo? Why and how do we hear with spatial acuity? How do we realistically capture and reproduce the stereo soundfield with just two microphones and two loudspeakers? These are but a few of the questions discussed in this in-depth seminar.

The session begins with a discussion and demonstration of how the human ear-brain hearing system works. This is followed by a historical overview of the development stereophonic recording.
The main body of the session presents a comprehensive analysis of the various common stereophonic microphone configurations, and concludes with numerous recorded examples for evaluation and comparison of the techniques discussed.

Biography Ron Streicher
Ron Streicher has had a lifelong involvement in music, first as a pianist, percussionist, and choral conductor, and presently as an audio consultant and recording engineer specializing in live performances. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music (composition and theory) from UCLA, and then a Master of Arts in Communications Arts from Loyola University in Los Angeles.

His interest in recording developed while serving as a volunteer for the music department of a public radio station in LA; that avocation subsequently evolved into his career. His many projects for public radio include sound design and production of numerous radio plays, national broadcasts of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, the California Chamber Symphony, the Monday Evening Concert series, and several other Southern California chamber music series. His work has been heard over National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting System networks.

Ron was a member of the engineering staff and faculty of the Audio Recording Institute of the Aspen Music Festival and School from 1988 through 2005; from 1995, he also served as Audio Production Manager for the Music Festival. Prior to Aspen, Ron designed and supervised concert sound reinforcement for the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Metropolitan Opera, and the New York City Opera productions at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia, where he was the audio consultant for eleven years. Recording projects have taken him as far afield as Karachi, Shanghai, and twice to Moscow to record the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra.

Among the many record companies for which Ron has worked are Angel, Brio, CMS Desto, CRI, Discovery, Koch International, Omega Record Classics, RCA, Pilz, Protone, and SAZ Records; it was for the latter company that he traveled to Pakistan to make the first digital recording of Moslem religious music.

A Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society, Ron served as AES President in 2003/4 and remains actively involved with its educational activities. He has given numerous presentations at local and national meetings, and twice chaired the Society s Conventions in Los Angeles. In recognition of his long-term service to the Society, Ron was awarded the AES Bronze Medal in 1995.


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Dit vergadercentrum, op ca 700 m afstand van het centraal station, bevindt zich in de onmiddelijke nabijheid van het vergadercentrum Vredenburg waar doorgaans onze tutorials plaatsvinden..

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