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Audio/Acoustics Specialist, Application- and Sales engineer
– Acoustic Control Systems, the Netherlands

What we’re looking for
We are looking for an audio specialist with at least a number of years’ experience in the industry, and with a thorough knowledge base of electro acoustics as well as understanding acoustics.  The ideal candidate will also be well-versed with marketing- and has an interest in finding, exploring new market opportunities, he/she will have a portfolio filled with viable examples of how he/she progressed business profiles and client bases. Building, maintaining and extending the network. With an emphasis on selling systems and solutions. It is essential you have an HBO (or similar) level of education

Who you’d be working for
ACS has a long-standing reputation (over 35 years) in the industry for advancing traditional applications by providing highly flexible and expandable solutions that deliver on sound quality and good flexible acoustics.  The solutions we market  might bring new business to the theatre or multi business halls we serve.  The systems at hand might improve new trends in the way churches today develop their services on congregations.  The solutions ACS offers saves substantial on architectural costs. More information about the kind of projects we cover please check

We offer a bespoke service to ensure our products are installed using our in-house expertise, and have provided installations for high-profile places, examples to be found at our website,

Candidate’s skillsets will need to include, but are not limited to:


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